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Located near Segovia, next to Polendo’s stream and surrounded by wheat fields, lies the village of Agejas, one of the many Spanish  towns that due to a rural exodus is now depopulated. The first historical reference of Agejas dates from 1247, in the thirteenth century when it was already a large village.

Which building survive from this period? A small Romanesque church and its cellar. A stylish architectural work that reopens its doors to the public supported by a great wine project. Agejas Wineries and Vineyards are the product of the union of the wine tradition, freshness and splendour of the fields of Castilla. Located in one of the oldest villages in Spain with a vast wine culture and tradition, this extraordinary location provides wine with the perfect environment for resting and aging in the barrels, and also constitutes the perfect scenery for wine tourism.

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Our Winery

The vineyards of Bodega Agejas are the closest to the city of Segovia.

Its excellent grape comes from over 30 hectares of Tempranillo vineyards spread around the winery. Special care is given to the nurture of the vineyards, as well as the correct ripening of the fruit is kept under control to obtain an excellent harvest.

The selection of the grape is as important as its subsequent treatment.

Our wines age in American oak barrels where they rest under very careful and controlled conditions to ensure that the quality of the wine we produce is excellent.The result is a wine rich in aromas, flavours and colors that perfectly describe the landscape from which they come.

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30 hectares of vineyards

of vineyards

Our Wines

More than 30 hectares of vineyards of Tempranillo grapes allow us to make some of the best wines of the Land of Castilla y León: Ribera de Polendos, Viña Agejas and especially Los Arijos 1998. Enjoy vintages and wines extraordinary. Heirs of an extensive wine history that rests lies and rests in the barrels of our wineries under the care of our expert winemakers.


Wine tourism

Wine tourism

Wine tourism

Do you want to see first hand how we work? Learn about wine between our vineyards with the Guadarrama mountains as backdrop? We are the closest winery to the city of Segovia, the perfect destination for a visit where you can combine the Aqueduct, the Alcázar and the delicious "cochinillo" (or roasted sucking pig).

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