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our wines

Viña Agejas


The bottles of Viña Agejas are originated in the wine heritage of the old town of Agejas, wines with style and with a Segovian soul that stand out for the treatment of the grape and for the care with which they age.


Verdejo viña agejas

A cheerful, soft and elegant wine, perfect to accompany your dishes or your friends meetings. A wine that thanks to the properties of the land and the vineyard is at the height of the best whites in the country.



Viña Agejas Tempranillo

 A young wine made with tempranillo grapes, ideal for pairing with any pasta, pork, chicken dish… in summary, with any light meal.



Viña Agejas Rosé

Our latest discovery: an elegant rosé, refreshing and with floral scents, perfect for lovers of these kind of wines.


Ribera de Polendos

Ribera de Polendos emerges from the red grapes of our vineyards, wines where the Tempranillo grape stands out above the rest, giving it a unique character thanks to the special properties of our land.


This wine is the result of an aging process in barrels which makes the most interesting features of the wine gain in strength and intensity, resulting in an elegant and structured wine that leaves a great memory in the drinker.


Valpirón PREMIUM

A new edition of our barrel-aged wine, now more intense and elegant than ever.


ribera de polendos ENVEJECIDO

A wine that after several months in our barrels acquires body and character, becoming a benchmark for the wines of the land of Castilla y León.