cheerful, soft and elegant wine, perfect to pair with your meals or accompany your friends’ meetings. A wine that thanks to the properties of the land and the vineyard is at the level of the best whites in the country.

Tasting notes


Grape juice and skins are left macerating for 6-12 hours at a temperature of 6-8ºC, which allows for a higher extraction of aromatic and varietal components, as well as enhancing the sensations on the palate. Racking is done slowly, incresing the contact time of the skins with the juice to add to its fruity aromas. Fermentation is done at low temperature (14-16ºC), which helps keeping and enhancing the varietal character. After fermentation, the wine is kept (for a selected time) in contact with the fine lees to increase the structural features of wine, contributing lipid acids and gliceric sensations in the palate. All our wines’ clarification is done without any animal origin products.

Tasting notes: pale straw color, clean and bright. Medium intensity with varietal character. Notes of green apple and citric. Fresh, richly nuanced sensation. Good and lasting expression of verdejo. Structured and pleasant acidity.